Why Carbon steel?

What is Carbon Steel?

Carbon Steel is a type of steel in which carbon is the primary alloying element.  The level of Carbon contained in steel is one of the most important factors governing its mechanical properties.  Carbon Steel has no more than 1.65% manganese, 0.6% silicon, or 0.6% copper contained within it.

Carbon Steel can be rolled or hammered into very thin sheets of material, while still maintaining high strength and heat resistance. This allows for rapid heating and high temperatures.

Advantages of Carbon Steel compared to other Metals

1)      Faster heating effect.   For kitchen use this is especially important as it saves time and reduces the amount of energy used.  Stainless Steel, on the other hand, is known to be a poor conductor of heat.

2)      Longer lasting.  In a kitchen cookware is used continuously so a highly durable product is important.  Aluminum, in contrast, is known to dent and scratch more easily.

3)      Health benefits.  Carbon Steel contains iron, which is healthy for the body.  Aluminum reacts with acidic foods more easily than other forms of cookware.

4)      For use on Induction.  Because it has magnetic material Carbon Steel, unlike Aluminum or Copper, can be used on Induction cooking tops.

5)      Better cooking result.  During the cooking process Carbon Steel can reach temperatures of up to 180 degrees much faster than other metals such as Aluminum.  This means the food can sizzle and retain its vitamin content much better.

6)      Density.  Carbon Steel is 3 times denser that Aluminum.  This means Carbon Steel cookware is both more durable and more cost-effective than Aluminum.

7)      Weight.  Carbon Steel cookware, which can weigh from half to two thirds as little as cast iron, still provides most of the same benefits, among them being safe, non-stick and able to withstand high temperatures and to distribute heat evenly around the pan.

Sum abobe benefits, Carbon steel no doubt is a perfect material for cookware or bakeware substrate.

Lotus Rock we have used the best qualities of carbon steel and combined it with a
hard ceramic interior, and a thin top layer of nano-silica, to create a
high-quality, high-end product……..

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